About Us

Who We Are?

TOMFLIMS TRAINING AND CONSULTING is a forward-thinking, consulting and training firm with innovative solutions that help clients improve performance and achieve measurable growth on ROI.
      We are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) with RC No: 1226422. We are duly accredited by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Centre for Management Development (CMD), Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, International Facility Management Association (US), American Academy of Project Management(AAPM) and several other reputable organisations.
     We are also a professional member of the Nigerian Institute of Training AND Development (NITAD) and affiliated with the Association for Talent and Development in America (ATD)


To be the most outstanding training provider & consulting organisation that delivers excellent results, increases individual erudition/adroitness and improves organisational bottom line for business success.

Our Mission

Our strategy is to foster the transformation of individuals and organisations to achieve excellent corporate values that consistently thrive.

Our Promise

To deliver, not just value, but extraordinary value through innovative processes and ingrained excellent service delivery.

Our Core Values


We will always maintain unimpeachable integrity in our relationships with our clients.


We encourage professionalism among members of staff andmandate it in dealing with our clients.


We are a value-driven organisation that prides itself in delivering extraordinary value to its clients.

Service Excellence:

We strive to over-deliver on our clients’ expectations through expertly crafted and professionally delivered innovative solutions.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We are major management science courses leaders with n several years of experience and expertise with high level of corporate methodology application and certifications
  • We have to our credit traceable records of trained professionals with optimum impact record and relevant percentage of improvement being currently applied to different organisations, especially in the pharmaceutical, hospitality, oil & gas, banking and manufacturing sectors.

  • We have trained multinational firms and major indigenous firms with outstanding and impactful testimonials.

  • We follow international best practices in our core competence areas with ingrained knowledge of the field as it applies to different business sectors.

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide professionally designed training that positively impacts employee productivity and helps organisations achieve their corporate goals.
  • To create mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, understand their business and proffer innovative solutions that ensure that their strategic objectives are met.

  • To provide unparalled, efficient client service delivery that generates repeat business and referrals.

Our Focus

  • Management Consulting
  • Training & Development

  • Project Management

  • Business Re-engineering & Process Improvement

  • Research & Assessment

  • Recruitment & Onboarding

Our Process

  1. Research

    We become clear about the client’s goals and objectives and research ideas and requisite resources to bring the best solution to identified challenges based on a comprehensively conducted needs analysis.

  2. Design

    Based on then results obtained at the research stage, we develop and design professional and creative solutions carefully tailored to meet the client’s peculiar needs and generate the desired results.

  3. Implementation

    This is the stage where the solution from the second stage is implemented. Deployment is carried out in a series of stages, the ultimate being the evaluation stage, where the success of the deployed solution is appraised and feedback given to the client.

0ur Systems

  • TomFlims LEARNING SYSTEM™: Practical Action Learning + Fun +Intellectual Intensity = Uncommon Performance.
  • TomFlims CONSULTING SYSTEM™: Excellent Project +Process +People + Technology = Uncommon Performance.

Our Training Programs

  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Management Skills for Personal, Executive Assistants and Secretaries
  • Body Language Techniques
  • Leaders as Coaaches & Mentors
  • Leaders as Coaaches & Mentors
  • Effective Goal-Setting For Workplace Success
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Train The Trainer Program
  • Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Management for Busy Professionals
  • Budgets & Financial Reports Course
  • Excellent Customer Service Delivery Through Experiential Marketing

  • Effective Project Management
  • Leadership for High Performance
  • Advancing the Digital Economy for Sustainable Growth
  • Transformational Leadership During Challenging Times
  • Seven Leadership Skills for Effective Managers
  • Assertiveness At Work
  • Anger Management for The Skilled Professional
  • Interpersonal Skills For Workplace Success
  • Performance Management: Setting and Measuring Objectives
  • Negotiation And Conflict Management In Organisations
  • Strategic Marketing Programme

  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Excellent Leadership Styles For Leaders And Top Executives
  • Managing Change And Workplace Culture
  • Leading With Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Thinking and Execution
  • Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  • Maximising Leadership Influence For Executive Effectiveness
  • Effective Project Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Lean Six Sigma Introduction
  • Lean Six Sigma Champions Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Management Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Team Building Course
  • Basic Sales And Marketing
  • Effective Customer Service And Teller Operations
  • Achieving Service Excellence Through Professionalism
  • Basic Sales And Strategic Marketing Skills For Brand Promotion
  • Strategic Branding: From Behavioural Insights To Business
  • Growth
  • Excellent Customer Service Delivery Through Experiential Marketing
  • Strategic Relationship Management